Designed by first responders, for first responders

amii is designed to make your life easier, reducing stress and increasing efficiency. It gives you easy access to essential information and tools, when and where they are needed. Empowering you to provide the highest levels of patient support.

amii supports all first responders, from intensive care paramedic to community volunteer. It provides clinical information to support decisions at the point of care, and dramatically speeds up electronic patient care record (ePCR) completion.

You can share records with the hospital before the patient arrives at the hospital, enhancing care, reducing admin time and speeding up clearance.

amii gives managers a clear overview of their entire paramedic service - including traumatic events, response times and workload - helping them to support you better.

The amii solution

The core of the amii system is the first responder tablet, connected to our cloud network. amii has optional features – an in vehicle wi-fi network, advanced AI powered analytics and integration to other devices and systems. You choose the elements you need to create your amii solution.

Support at your fingertips

amii is a digital assistant, providing information that empowers you to deliver best care. It’s based on paramedic workflow and international best practice, fully customised to your service’s clinical practice guidelines (CPGs).

amii runs on an 8 inch, lightweight tablet with S pen - at just a little bigger than your hand, weighing 720g and compact enough to fit in the side pocket of your tactical trousers, it’s designed to be at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it. And it’s a lot easier to write on than the back of your hand.

As tough as you are

The amii tablet is designed to cope with pretty much anything that the unpredictable pre-hospital environment might throw at it. It’s an enterprise grade Samsung Tab Active, with a touch screen that responds even when you’re wearing gloves.

You work in tough environments, and so does amii - it’s designed to withstand dust, dirt and fluids (including being submerged underwater), and can survive being dropped from a height of 1.5 metres. (s MIL-STD 810G standards and IP rating 68).

We’ve designed it for safety: You can clean the amii tablet with disinfectant or water for yours and patients’ protection. It can be mounted in the ambulance for safe use on the move, and the case has a removable strap, for when grabbing is not a hazard.

Fast, accurate ePCRs

With amii, the ePCR is created quickly and effortlessly in field as part of patient care. With amii’s customised prompts, entering data is faster and more accurate.

Key amii features

  • Contraindications shown when administering a drug

  • Find drugs using their street names

  • Reminders when repeat treatments are due

  • Checklists for conditions including cardiac arrest and prehospital thrombolysis

  • Grouped bundles of care - based on your service’s clinical practice guidelines

  • Reference vital signs assessment values for paediatrics

  • Warnings when drug thresholds reached

  • Help with medical calculations

  • Review condition criteria

  • Pictorial guides for high stress/low use skills


The in progress ePCR is visible across the whole system in real time (or as soon as amii reconnects to the cloud), making handover to the ER or other paramedics smoother and faster. They don’t have to re-enter data, and can even view the case before you arrive. amii means less time on paperwork and more time with patients.

Always available

amii shares information via our cloud network, deployed using Amazon Web Service (AWS) in Sydney. But amii works with or without connection to the cloud, so no matter where you are, it’s always available. If the cloud is not available, amii will work ‘stand-alone’ and automatically synchronise as soon as a connection is once again established.

Advanced analytics

For health service providers and managers, amii desktop provides valuable analysis and sophisticated, at-a-glance reporting. It harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to power alerts and with tailored real time notifications of automated data discoveries. amii Desktop helps managers to address situations before they become issues, and supports timely, data-driven decisions to improve the well-being of first responders and the performance of the pre-hospital service.


You can be sure that patient and hospital data is secure - amii comes with Samsung’s Knox military grade security to protect against malware and malicious threats and our cloud uses AWS, certified for hosting Australian Government data up to the PROTECTED level.


amii can be integrated with other systems such as CAD, vital signs monitors and billing systems. More information means more support and greater efficiency. CAD integration will help decrease clearance times by a further 20%.

In-vehicle network

Many first responder vehicles already have wi-fi, but if yours doesn’t, our amii network allows information to be shared between amii tablet and any other connected monitoring devices. We use industrial grade, reliable hardware designed for rugged environments with multi-layered security and excellent performance. amii Network will stay connected in places where your phone drops out, and the amii Tablet will stay connected to the network at up to 75 metres from the ambulance.

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